I choose them.

When a girl child is born, God orders the birds to sing beautiful songs and the butterflies and fairies to dance magically. He orders the flowers to bloom and sends his words for the stars to shine.

She is like a precious gift from God to any couple.

Brighter than the stars.

Prettier than the flowers…

Innocent like an angel.

Magical like a fairy.

Sweet like honey.

Beautiful like a mermaid.

Colorful like a rainbow.

Happy as a butterfly.

Ambitious like a bird.

Now she has to choose her parents.

“This one?” God asks her.

*Husband: I’ll send you divorce papers if it’s a girl!

Wife (with tears): Oh God! Please help me out.*

“NO! the father is quite mean, he doesn’t deserve a girl child”

“This one?”

*Grandmother to mom: what have you done in your life except giving birth to these BURDENS?*

“NO! they already have three daughters. Grandma will never accept another girl child”

“This one?”

*A rich family where the mother is busy in her kitty parties while father doesn’t have enough time to spend with kids. A caretaker takes care of their kids and pampers them*

“NO! They are not worthy enough to have a blessing”

“This one?”

*A couple sitting on a bench in a park holding hands, they look quite happy but the wife is a little bit worried about something.

Husband: honey, why are you upset? Everything will be fine soon.

Wife: I had two miscarriages within a year, doctors said that I’ll never be able to become a mom.

Husband: God will reward you with something more special, don’t lose hope.*

“YES!! I choose them to be my parents. They are worthy enough to have a blessing”

Message: Daughters are not tension, but they’re equal to ten sons. A daughter is born with a heart of gold so make sure not to hurt her. One day she’ll make you proud ❤

She is like a butterfly, beautiful to see but hard to catch So let her chase her dreams. This society needs to understand that a daughter is not a burden nor a shame! She’s a blessing by God to those who deserve. Being Muslims we need to understand that our Prophet peace is upon him loved his daughters. He used to call Hazrat Fatima R.A. “Princess of heaven”. Islam has given so much importance to women and raised their standard. To be good Muslims, we need to follow Islam and treat our daughters like the Prophet did. 💜

Written by: Duaa Jawed 🌸



“HIM” is the reflection of all the problems a man faces in his life for his family. People say that I only show the negative reflection of a man in the society so I decided to write what’s positive in a man’s reflection.

After a long hard working day, he returned home. He didn’t have dinner today, he was hungry and tired. In the kitchen, he found nothing except some leftover food.

*Afterall he was hungry*

he was now finally able to have enough sleep. He has to wake up early in the morning to go to work to earn bread for his family. He sets the alarm clock and sleeps.

It’s 06:00 a.m.

After getting a shower, he is getting ready for office.

“Maria! I’ll be late today because I have to work overtime today.”

“Okay alright, here is your breakfast.”

“I need some money to pay school fee of the children. It’s the end of the month and we’ve run out of the grocery too.”

“Oh, I’ll manage to get some money. Don’t you worry about it”

“I hope so.”

*At festivals*

“Daddy, this shirt would look really nice on you”

Looking at his pocket

“No my son, I have so many shirts in my wardrobe. I will wear something else on Eid”

*In His Wardrobe*

Two shirts for formal gatherings.

One dress pant.

One coat.

One sweater.

An old pair of shoes he uses casually and formally both.

Three shirts for casual wear.

*At fancy restaurants*

“I’m already full, you should order something for you and the kids.”

*At shopping malls*

After seeing the price tag.

“ I don’t like the stuff of this jacket, would you please show me something comfier and reasonable”

He works day and night to make the future of his kids bright. He tolerates the rude behavior of his colleagues and boss for the sake of his family. When he returns home, he demands nothing but peace and a few words of love.

He sacrifices a lot for his wife and children but keeps it inside. He sometimes cries but hides his tears because of MARD ROTA NAHI HAI. (Men don’t cry)

He never shares his problems with the family and faces all by himself without any complaints. He lost his mother at a very young age with whom he used to share his problems. Now he is alone but motivated towards his words.

Being a man is hard too, you cannot hug your parents whenever you want but on special occasions only, you cannot tell your wife that how much you care for her because she will never realize. Your children will start hating you because they will think that you don’t love them. You have to hide your tears because in our society men don’t cry. You have to hide your feelings inside because in our society MARD KO DARD NAHI (Men are feeling less). Your hard work will never get paid off. Feminists who say: “men are trash” need to see the reflection of a man to change their thinking.

Those Red Roses!

Hello love,

It’s been a long time since we meet, so I am here for you to tell you that I missed you every single day. You were like a flower to my garden, You were like sunshine to my depressed and dark soul. After OUR separation, only I know that how I have been able to spend those years without you. You promised me to stay but you didn’t keep your promise and left me alone. Every time when someone knocks on the door, I hope IT’S YOU. But on the door, there are false hopes.

I have been missing you since the day you left me. It was hard to let you go. Honestly, I never wanted you to leave me but UNFORTUNATELY, I couldn’t stop you. But I wanted, Yes I really wanted to ask you not to leave. And, you left me alone.

Now, at nights I can’t sleep. I have been suffering from depression for the last seven years. I wake up in the middle of the night and keep your picture on my chest while trying to sleep. It’s so painful my love, Today is our 50th wedding anniversary and I am here with these red roses for you. Look! They’re as beautiful as you. You were right, Roses are beautiful but I was so poor that I couldn’t bring my wife some. But today when I am rich enough to buy you all the happiness, you are not with me.

Listen, I loved you and I will love you forever. I know that you are angry with me but I know that your anger is temporary. You were a great wife and a great mother, You loved me instead of complaining about my low salary. You always motivated me to work hard, today I am not as poor as I was so that I could buy two tickets to Paris, your dream place. We will enjoy wonderful rides in the Disneyland while having ice cream. And you know what? I have bought your favorite red gown that you always wanted to have in your closet but never asked me to buy it for you. It will look really nice and pretty on you. You will look like a queen who conquered my heart.

With love,

Your Hubby

He placed a bouquet of beautiful red roses on her grave, with a letter attached to it and left with tears in his brown shining eyes.

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His words became my worst nightmare.

One day he came to me and said: “it’s all over, we are getting divorced”.That was the day when I wanted to cry out loudly and wanted to commit suicide because I loved him truly, but I didn’t. I wanted to ask him that tell me the exact date and time when you came to know that you don’t love me anymore, But I didn’t. I wanted to recall all those memories that WE made together, but unfortunately, I didn’t.
I was burst into tears.

“What about the time we had spent?”
“What about love?”
“What about my loyalty?”
“I changed myself from an independent woman to a housewife for the sake of his love, what about that?”
“What will be my future?”
“What about the future of OUR kids? Will they accept this separation?”
“Will he let me meet my kids?”
*huh, after all, he is the one who wants divorce*
“What about society? They’re gonna blame me for our separation”
So many thoughts were in my mind. I was worried.
*Tick tock.
Tick tock.
His wait was over*
He came to my home again and said: “I know you can’t bear this pain, but you have to understand that I don’t love you anymore and I’m not happy.”
I wanted to ask him that so you want to be happy with another woman after spoiling my life, But I didn’t have enough courage to ask.
“You are a great woman, but I don’t love you anymore. I love someone else and after getting divorced, I’m gonna start a new life with her”
It was a love marriage, and I was the one who sacrificed a lot for the sake of love. I left my home, my parents. I changed myself and my whole lifestyle. But still, I was not WORTHY enough to be loved by my husband.
“Why you’re not answering?” He said out loud.
Now I have to answer, I gathered all my courage to speak.
“It’s all right, now I don’t want to have any share in your money, I’ll look after my children by myself and you’ll be allowed to meet them when you want.I’m happy for you that you have found the love that you always wanted.”
“I agree, you’ll receive divorce papers within a week.”
*you’ll receive divorce papers within a week*
*you’ll receive divorce papers within a week*
*you’ll receive divorce papers within a week*
HIS WORDS BECAME MY WORST NIGHTMARE. I wanted to beg him to stay, but I didn’t. I wanted to show him that how much I love him, But I didn’t.

*After a week*
“This is for you madam”
“Thank you!”
I had tears in my eyes. So many thoughts were in my mind and they were disturbing me a lot. Everything was in front of my eyes.
And last but not least “THE WAY HE CHEATED”
While signing those papers, my hands were shivering. I had tears in my eyes but I cannot help it.
*Six years ago*
Today I saw him in a hospital, he was SORRY.His wife cheated on him for another man who was richer than him. His son is in hospital fighting against cancer. But I cannot forgive him for what he did to me. He left me without any reason. My survival was impossible, Only I know, how I have been able to survive those days.
I will never forget what he did to me.

Fight with depression

Hello everyone ❤

So today we are gonna discuss about DEPRESSION.80% of this generation is facing this problem nowadays,without knowing that how they can fight with that..So here I am to help you 🌸

As I’m not a counselor so I don’t know much about it,but honestly I’m gonna help you out in the face of this nightmare.(You can write your story and send me on my instagram or on my facebook page,I’m surely gonna help you with my words ❤)

send your queries here ❤

contact me 🎶

Depression is like a war,And in the end you have to win. It’s like a Do Or Die.You have to fight with it or either you have to lose your inner peace. It’s so difficult,It’s a hard time for you mate. In this never ending war,you need courage and support.You must be brave enough to fight like a worrier.
So let’s talk about the few mini steps you can take to fight with depression.

1.Don’t stay alone:

As I said,don’t stay alone instead of it,Go and hangout with friends and do what makes you happy.

2.Read some good books:

I’ve found this one really helpful,You can find some really good books according to your interest and THERE YOU GO MAN!!
*A good book and a cup of coffee can heal everything*

3.Don’t keep it inside:

Discuss what’s bothering you,don’t keep it all inside.Share your problems with a friend or a family member.
(You can also share it to me if you like 😊)

4.Spread positive vibes:

Stop being a negative thinker,Think positive and you’ll be okay ❤

5.Find a hobby:

This is a really good step,like you can avoid depressing thoughts while staying in home. Find a hobby to keep yourself busy. ❤
(Few good hobbies are book reading,painting,singing,drawing)

6.Avoid depressing thoughts:

Throw away all those things which are making you feel depressed or give it to someone.
(e.g. gifts,memories,letters etc)


Okay,so this one is really important.Smile like an idiot ❤😊

His Little Princess

On this father’s day, I want to confess my feelings for my Abbu Jaan.
In a world where a daughter is considered as a tension and a shame, My father proved that I am a blessing to him. In a society where when a mother gives birth to a girl child, She is abused. But when I was born, Everyone saw the beautiful smile over his face. He was so happy to have a little princess in his life. 👑

When I was 6 years old, I used to fly kite with my dad our rooftop.Our neighbors used to tease him by saying that “Are you going to make her a SON? Haha but she’s not the one!!”(Beta bnaogy Kia isay?). He used to reply that My princess is better than a son. At that time, I never realized that he was so proud to have me. I always thought that it was just a normal conversation. But today, I can surely say that My Dad is a Superdad. He is breaking those fake standards set by this society that a father and a daughter can’t be BEST FRIENDS.❤

I know most of the people out there are not going to realize the importance of this beautiful relationship between a dad and her princess, And for some people, it’s like a MIRACLE. We are two sisters and he always treats us like princesses.❤ In our childhood, we used to play with our dad. I learned drawing, painting and much more from him. He also cooks amazingly delicious meals for us sometime. I love him so much.
In a world full of beasts, My father is my biggest inspiration. He always encourages me to do something noble and amazing. He is my strength.
Only a daughter knows that her father is the only man in this world who will never break her heart. A father is like a shadow of a daughter. He’s like a rainbow which appears after the storm. He is a superhero for her.❤😇
Every time I cry, he wipes my tears and makes me smile like an idiot. You must be thinking that my father must be a rich man, isn’t he? Yes, he’s a rich man, He is so rich from the heart. I have never seen a man like him in my life.
Whenever people ask me about my dream man, I reply that I’ve never dreamed about that. But the truth is that I want no money, I don’t want my man to be good looking or rich. I just want him to treat my daughter like my father treats me and yeah that’s it.❤😇
Most of the girls say that their father is a superhero. But in my case, he is a real-life worrier. He fought with the world for his princess, I’m so proud to be his little princess. A princess without any expensive tiara with diamonds on it, but a princess who is so happy to be treated like a princess.
Thank you, Dad.👑❤

Dedicated to my Dad. 🌹🌸👑

Duaa Jawed ❤👑🌹🌸

A “NO” means “NO”.

Hello everyone out there, today I wanted to share an amazingly inspirational story w

ith you. This story will prove that A girl’s “NO” means “NO” and no one in this world can force her.

So let’s start!

My name is Imama, I am 19 years old. I was engaged in a relationship with a guy since I was 16. I loved him so much and everything was going fine between us. Day by day the situation started getting worse, things were going out of my control. I started to realize that what he wanted was “MY BODY”.For him, it was not loved but lust. He started to force me for sex, knowing that I was not ready for it. AND I REFUSED HIM.
From that day, his behavior started to change. Oneday He started beating me up and said that “you’re a slut, you don’t deserve to be respected.” I was burst into tears. He said that I was cheating on him that’s why I denied doing what he wanted and I don’t love him anymore.
The purpose behind all that was to get my body for the sake of his lust and nothing else.
Our relationship was like a poison to me, it was killing me inside. His behavior was getting worst day by day, I was tired of being called characterless.
One day, I decided to quit. I had no reason to struggle, knowing that he wants my body, not ME. I broke up with him, He said that “I’ll never be happy again”.And I smiled. (thinking that I will surely! ❤)
And yes!! Today I’m happy and satisfied with my life. I have so many reasons to smile.

If you’re a girl and you’re reading this right now, I just wanted to say that You need to end your relationship if it’s toxic for yourself. If you’re not ready for a physical one, then you should never go for it. The one who loves you truly will wait for the right time. Stop being in an abusive and destructive relationship just because you love him. Get your beliefs clear. If you don’t wanna spoil your purity before marriage, It’s a wonderful thing and you should be proud of yourself for this. You should never lose your virginity for someone who loves your body not you. Stop being a dumb ass. Learn to say “NO”.
Guys need to stop doing this, A real man should be proud to have you in his life. A REAL MAN!! Guys need to know that a “NO” clearly means “NO”.There are no more options okay?
This isn’t a multiple choice game, It’s her life and she has all the rights to choose. Stop making her fool, if you want a body only for the sake of your lust, then it’s better to sleep with a prostitute..(Sorry but I had to say it)
Please don’t spoil her life by playing with her heart, if you don’t love her then leave ❤

Girl, learn to love yourself first. I mean love your body, soul, character. Improve yourself, Rebuild yourself in front of those who broke you down. Put yourself together, Self-love is important. Make YOURSELF a priority.

Never beg for someone’s existence, If they want to be with you then they’ll never need any explanations. Don’t trust anyone blindly. Never chase love, it will find you ❤ Focus on your career, these guys are not going anywhere 🔥❤

Truly your good wishes;

Duaa Jawed 🌸🌹🌼

A page from my diary; the ex best friend.

Dear Ex best friend!
I know I was terrible sometimes and I did silly mistakes. I wanted you to trust me not people, I wanted you to listen to my side of the story too but unfortunately, it never happened.
I still remember those days when there was no one but ME. I was always there for you. I always wanted to do the BEST for you. I never cheated upon you. There was a difficult time for me too when I wanted someone to believe in me and to hug me and say “DON’T WORRY, I’M WITH YOU” but there was no one, unfortunately. I faced everything being alone. I didn’t want you to HELP me, I didn’t need any SUPPORT. I just wanted you to stay by my side 💔
Even when our friendship ended, I was there to support you in your difficult times. (secretly)
Regularly, I asked about YOU to people. Whenever you cried, I was unable to wipe up your tears due to the distance between the two of us. But believe me, I was hurt too.
I wonder how easily you forgot those moments that we spent together. Our laughs, our memories, those inside jokes that made us laugh, those secrets that we shared, those mini parties, the way we shared food literally everything was forgettable for you except those fights we had.💔
Both of us didn’t contact and thus the ego won, the friendship ended 💔
I still miss you and the love for you in my heart is still the same but I won’t say it because I know that you’ll not believe. But it’s okay, my self-respect is not allowing me to beg for the friendship that we had once. You’ve changed now and you’re not the same person that I used to call my BUDDY.💔 but I still care for you if you need me you can just leave a message. I’ll be always there for you 💔
*I don’t know if you’ll read this or not, so I’m not expecting any kinda miracle.*

Sincerely, Duaa ❤🌸

Story of a little princess whose childhood was ruined.

Once upon a time, there was a little princess living in a town. She wanted to rule the world. She had so many dreams and so many plans for the future. Her aim was to study and to prove that GIRLS CAN RULE THE WORLD TOO.

“Congratulations! It’s a baby girl”

When the nurse announced her birth, no one was happy there.

She left this world with so many dreams in her eyes due to a beast.

Yes, A BEAST who just wanted a piece of meat for his satisfaction. She was raped and then murdered 😢💔

So you wanna know who was she?

Her name is Zainab. (the beautiful green-eyed girl whose childhood was ruined by a BEAST who was her relative.She belonged to Qasur, Pakistan)

Her name is Rabia. (the pretty little princess whose childhood was ruined too by a BEAST.She belonged to Pakistan)

Her name is Asifa.(the beautiful girl with many dreams in her eyes whose childhood was ruined inside a temple by a BEAST.She belonged to India)

The list is far more than this 💔

The story has a very sad ending.(NO JUSTICE)

Please grow up dear society!! It’s time to speak up!!

Stand up for the rights of women. Think of your daughter’s childhood being ruined by those Rapists. Think of your sister 💔 A daughter is a responsibility, not a burden. It was not her fault,It’s all your fault :’) You need to break your silence because “This is too much”

*bass ab bohat hogaya*

And for those who think that improper dressing is the reason for rapes and sexual harassment,I just wanna say that does dressing even matter in the case of those innocent little souls too??

A big shout out for your low mentality!! Like seriously!! A girl wearing Abaya or Burqah gets harassed too as same as the case of a girl wearing a short skirt. It’s better to give a woman all the respect she deserves because She’s a woman regardless of the measurement of her clothes. Tell your sons to respect girls instead of telling your daughter not to go out because it’s not safe.

That’s All for today 💖

Until next time,

Love Ya! 💞

Duaa 🌸🌸


Today “fair complexion” is regarded as a symbol of beauty, and those who don’t own it are labeled as “UGLY”. So a question arises that “Is it okay to be black?” Because it’s a reality that life becomes difficult for those who have a dark skin tone.

In PAKISTAN and In INDIA, Girls having dark complexion have to face a lot of problems just because they’re BLACK. People want their bride to be “BEAUTIFUL” (we can say FAIR/WHITE).

Girls and their families have a lot of pressure by the society. The main fear is MARRIAGE which becomes so difficult if you don’t own a fair complexion.

To overcome this and to be “fair and pink” girls use different fairness creams which contain a huge amount of different harmful chemicals and mercury, which lead to skin Cancer and other various skin infections. Such fairness creams also damage our skin.

Another shortcut option for owning a “fair” complexion is a whitening injection. They’re quite expensive and everyone can not afford this treatment easily. And in my opinion, THIS IS A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. Artificial and man-made beauty is useless, it also causes medical problems.

Everyone is created by GOD and these beauty standards are all false! Beauty lies in the heart. Beauty is not defined by skin color or physical characteristics. Beauty is what we can feel ❤

If you have a good heart and beautiful soul then you’re beautiful. Because a BEAUTIFUL HEART is rare to find 🙂 I have seen so many beautiful faces with a black heart and UGLY soul. Having a Fair complexion doesn’t make you beautiful but having a beautiful and kind heart does..!!

Faces are just like masks, We don’t know what’s behind! A beautiful face catches everyone’s attention but a beautiful soul catches everyone’s heart ❤ If you want to be beautiful then just be YOU-TI-FUL. I mean to say just be yourself and that’s all 😉

Just be proud of what you are. And if society criticizes you because of your complexion, face shape, weight, body shape etc etc..Just say out loudly:

“yes I’m black and I’m proud of it, at least I’m not fake”

  • “Yes I’m not pretty, Thank you!”
  • “Yes I don’t own a perfect body but I’m happy!”
  • “Yes I’m not that girl with a doll-like face and flat stomach but I have a good heart”

Just give them a shut up call, Just tell them to stop right at the moment! Who are they to make you feel guilty about yourself?? Remember God has made you beautiful and no one is superior to other whether he is black or whether he is white. All humans are equal. Just break those Fake Beauty standards and chill 😉 You are beautiful in your own way. Beauty is not defined by what we can see, it is what we can feel ❤

Until next time, Be you-ti-full. 🌸

Love ya all,

Duaa ❤🌸