His Little Princess

On this father’s day I want to confess my feelings for my Abbu Jaan.
In a world where a daughter is considered as a tension and a shame,My father proved that I am a blessing for him. In a society where when a mother gives birth to a girl child,She is abused.But when I was born,Everyone saw the beautiful smile over his face.He was so happy to have a little princess in his life. 👑

When I was 6 years old,I used to fly kite with my dad in our rooftop..Our neighbours used to tease him by saying that “Are you going to make her a SON? Haha but she’s not the one!!”(Beta bnaoge kia isay?).He used to reply that My princess is better than a son. At that time,I never realized that he was so proud to have me.I always thought that it was just a normal conversation.But today, I can surely say that My Dad is a Superdad.He is breaking those fake standards set by this society that a father and a daughter can’t be BEST FRIENDS.❤

I know most of the people out there are not going to realize the importance of this beautiful relationship between a dad and her princess,And for some people it’s like a MIRACLE.We are two sisters and he always treats us like princesses.❤ In our childhood,we used to play with our dad.I learned drawing,painting and much more from him.He also cooks amazingly delicious meals for us sometime.I love him so much.
In a world full of beasts,My father is my biggest inspiration.He always encourages me to do something noble and amazing.He is my strength.
Only a daughter knows that her father is the only man in this world who will never break her heart.A father is like a shadow to a daughter.He’s like a rainbow which appears after the storm.He is a superhero for her.❤😇
Every time I cry,he wipes my tears and make me smile like an idiot. You must be thinking that my father must be a rich man,isn’t he? Yes he’s a rich man,He is so rich from heart.I have never seen a man like him in my life.
Whenever people ask me about my dream man,I reply that I’ve never dreamed about that.But the truth is that I want no money,I don’t want my man to be good looking or rich.I just want him to treat my daughter like my father treats me and yeah that’s it.❤😇
Most of the girls say that their father is a superhero.But in my case,he is a real life worrier.He fought with the world for his princess,I’m so proud to be his little princess.A princess without any expensive tiara with diamonds on it,but a princess who is so happy to be treated like a princess.
Thank you Dad.👑❤

Dedicated to my Dad. 🌹🌸👑

Duaa Jawed ❤👑🌹🌸


A “NO” means “NO”.

Hello everyone out there,today I wanted to share an amazing inspirational story with you.This story will prove that A girl’s “NO” means “NO” and no one in this world can force her.

So let’s start!

My name is Imama,I am 19 years old.I was engaged in a relationship with a guy since I was 16.I loved him so much and everything was going fine between us.Day by day situation started getting worse,things were going out of my control. I started to realize that what he wanted was “MY BODY”.For him it was not love but lust.He started to force me for sex,knowing that I was not ready for it.AND I REFUSED HIM.
From that day,his behaviour started to change.Oneday He started beating me up and said that “you’re a slut,you don’t deserve to be respected.” I was burst in tears.He said that I was cheating on him that’s why I denied to do what he wanted and I don’t love him anymore.
The purpose behind all that was to get my body for the sake of his lust and nothing else.
Our relationship was like a poison to me,it was killing me inside.His behaviour was getting worst day by day,I was tired of being called characterless.
One day,I decided to quit.I had no reason to struggle,knowing that he wants my body not ME.I broke up with him,He said that “I’ll never be happy again”.And I smiled.(thinking that I will surely! ❤)
And yes!! Today I’m happy and satisfied with my life.I have so many reasons to smile.

If you’re a girl and you’re reading this right now,I just wanted to say that You need to end your relationship if it’s toxic for yourself.If you’re not ready for a physical one,then you should never go for it.The one who loves you truly will wait for the right time.Stop being in a abusive and destructive relationship just because you love him.Get your beliefs clear.If you don’t wanna spoil your purity before marriage,It’s a wonderful thing and you should be proud of yourself for this.You should never lose your virginity for someone who loves your body not you.Stop being a dumb ass.Learn to say “NO”.
Guys need to stop doing this,A real man should be proud to have you in his life.A REAL MAN!! Guys need to know that a “NO” clearly means “NO”.There are no more options okay?
This isn’t a multiple choice game,It’s her life and she has all the rights to choose.Stop making her fool,if you want a body only for the sake of your lust,then it’s better to sleep with a prostitute..(Sorry but I had to say it)
Please don’t spoil her life by playing with her heart,if you don’t love her then leave ❤

Girl,learn to love yourself first.I mean love your body,soul,character.Improve yourself,Rebuild yourself in front of those who broke you down.Put yourself together,Self love is important.Make YOURSELF a priority.

Never beg for someone’s existence, If they want to be with you then they’ll never need any explanations.Don’t trust anyone blindly.Never chase love,it will find you ❤ Focus on your career,these guys are not going anywhere 🔥❤

Truly your well wisher;

Duaa Jawed 🌸🌹🌼

A page from my diary; the ex best friend.

Dear Ex best friend!
I know I was terrible sometimes and I did silly mistakes.I wanted you to trust me not people,I wanted you to listen my side of the story too but unfortunately it never happened.
I still remember those days when there was no one but ME.I was always there for you. I always wanted to do the BEST for you.I never cheated upon you. There was difficult time for me too,when I wanted someone to believe on me and to hug me and say “DON’T WORRY,I’M WITH YOU” but there was no one unfortunately. I faced everything being alone.I didn’t wanted you to HELP me,I didn’t need any SUPPORT.I just wanted you to stay by my side 💔
Even when our friendship ended, I was there to support you in your difficult times.(secretly)
Regularly,I asked about YOU to people.Whenever you cried,I was unable to wipe up your tears due to the distance between the two of us.But believe me,I was hurt too.
I wonder how easily you forgot those moments that we spent together.Our laughs,our memories,those inside jokes that made us laugh,those secrets that we shared,those mini parties,the way we shared food literally everything was forgettable for you except those fights we had.💔
Both of us didn’t contacted and thus the ego won,friendship ended 💔
I still miss you and the love for you in my heart is still the same but I won’t say it because I know that you’ll not believe.But it’s okay,my self respect is not allowing me to beg for the friendship that we had once.You’ve changed now and you’re not the same person that I used to call my BUDDY.💔 but I still care for you if you need me you can just leave a message.I’ll be always there for you 💔
*I don’t know if you’ll read this or not,so I’m not expecting any kinda miracle.*

Sincerely,Duaa ❤🌸

Story of a little princess whose childhood was ruined.

Once upon a time,there was a little princess living in a town.She wanted to rule the world.She had so many dreams and so many plans for the future.Her aim was to study and to prove that GIRLS CAN RULE THE WORLD TOO.

“Congratulations! It’s a baby girl”

When the nurse announced her birth,no one was happy there.

She left this world with so many dreams in her eyes due to a beast.

Yes,A BEAST who just wanted a piece of meat for his satisfaction.She was raped and then murdered 😢💔

So you wanna know who was she?

Her name is Zainab.(the beautiful green eyed girl whose chilhood was ruined by a BEAST who was her relative.She belonged to Qasur,Pakistan)

Her name is Rabia.(the pretty little princess whose childhood was ruined too by a BEAST.She belonged to Pakistan)

Her name is Asifa.(the beautifull girl with many dreams in her eyes whose chilhood was ruined inside a temple by a BEAST.She belonged to India)

The list is far more than this 💔

The story has a very sad ending.(NO JUSTICE)

Please grow up dear society!! It’s tims to speak up!!

Stand up for the rights of a women.Think of your daughter’s chilhood being ruined by those Rapists.Think of your sister 💔 A daughter is a responsibility not a burden.It was not her fault,It’s all your fault :’) You need to break your silence beacause “This is too much”

*bass ab bohat hogaya*

And for those who think that improper dressing is the reason for rapes and sexual harrasments,I just wanna say that does dressing even matter in the case of those innocent little souls too??

A big shoutout for your low mentality!! Like seriously!! A girl wearing Abaya or Burqah gets harrassed too as same as the case of a girl wearing short skirt.It’s better to give a woman all the respect she deserves beacause She’s a woman regardless of the measurement of her clothes.Tell your sons to respect girls instead of telling your daughter not to go out because it’s not safe.

That’s All for today 💖

Until next time,

Love yaa! 💞

Duaa 🌸🌸


Today “fair complexion” is regarded as symbol of beauty,and those who don’t own it are labelled as “UGLY”. So a question arises that “Is it okay to be black?” Because it’s a reality that life becomes difficult for those who have dark skin tone.

In PAKISTAN and In INDIA,Girls having dark complexion have to face a lot problems just because they’re BLACK.People want their bride to be “BEAUTIFUL” (we can say FAIR/WHITE).

Girls and their families have a lot of pressure by the society.The main fear is MARRIAGE which becomes so difficult if you don’t own a fair complexion.

To overcome this and to be “fair and pink”  girls use different fairness creams which contain a huge amount of different harmful chemicals and mercury,which lead to skin Cancer and other various skin infections.Such fairness creams also damage our skin.

Another shortcut option for owning a “fair” complexion is whitening injection.They’re quite expensive and everyone can not afford this treatment easily. And in my opinion,THIS IS A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY.Artificial and man-made beauty is useless,it also causes medical problems.

Everyone is created by GOD and these beauty standards are all false! Beauty lies in the heart.Beauty is not defined by skin colour or physical characteristics.Beauty is what we can feel ❤ 

If you have a good heart and beautiful soul then you’re beautiful.Because a BEAUTIFUL HEART is rare to find 🙂 I have seen so many beautiful faces with a black heart and UGLY soul.Having a Fair complexion doesn’t make you beautiful but having a beautiful and kind heart does..!! 

Faces are just like masks,We don’t know what’s behind! A beautiful face catches everyone’s attention but a beautiful soul catches everyone’s heart ❤ If you want to be beautiful then just be YOU-TI-FUL.I mean to say just be yourself  and that’s all 😉 

Just be proud of what you are.And if society criticize you because of your complexion,face shape,weight, body shape etc etc..Just say out loudly: 

“yes I’m black and I’m proud of it,at least I’m not fake” 

  • “Yes I’m not pretty,Thank you!” 
  • “Yes I don’t own a perfect body but I’m happy!”
  • “Yes I’m not that girl with a doll like face and flat stomach but I have a good heart” 

Just give them a shut up call,Just tell them to stop right at the moment! Who are they to make you feel guilty about yourself?? Remember God has made you beautiful and no one is superior than other whether he is black or whether he is white.All humans are equal.Just break those Fake Beauty standards and chill 😉 You are beautiful in your own way.Beauty is not defined by what we can see,it is what we can feel ❤ 

Until next time,Be you-ti-ful. 🌸

Love yaa all,

Duaa ❤🌸

Why always Me? 

Sometimes you may feel like that “Why always me??” OR “I haven’t done anything wrong?” OR “I always do good for others then why I get hurt every time?” OR “why I am facing these hurdles?” 

So today I’m gonna answer all your questions ❤ 


First of all,lemme tell you that “You are special because problems & hurdles are for those who are SPECIAL.God loves to listen your voice.When you share your problems with God,He loves to listen your prayers❤ and if you think that your PRAYERS are not being accepted then maybe God loves the way you pray 💜 ” 


Listen “you are good 🙂 you think GOOD 🙂 you speak good words for others and you always do good for others because you have a GOOD HEART! but not everyone in this world is like you ❤ NOT EVERONE HAS A GOOD HEART!! because having a GOOD HEART is very expensive and not everyone can afford it 😉 and it’s a blessing by GOD so YOU ARE BLESSED!!


Listen.. “HURDLES and PROBLEMS are to make you more stronger.HURDLES are a part of life and they make you close to your Lord.The harder you pray,it becomes easier to face. 

Just remember that GOD IS ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU IN YOUR DIFFICULT TIMES.All you have to do is pray.And believe me HE WILL NOT LEAVE YOU ALONE! Just trust in GOD and every thing will be okay! 💜”

stay strong until next time ❤  

Love yaa all 💜 

Duaa. 🌸

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Diary of a SINNER.

With tears in my eyes and scars on my soul,I am still alive!! with a broken heart which is full of pain,I have to be strong because life never ends..it goes on 💔 

Taunts of people,fear of society,high expectations of family and the fear of being hurt or hurting is killing me..but I know that I have to live for those who love me 💜

“Oh society!! You can’t win .. You just can’t because I know I’m right” 

Scars (sins) on my soul are making my beautiful soul UGLY and I am really guilty about that.. I know that I am a sinner but who are you to tell me that?? That’s my personal matter and you have to right to question about that!! :’) 

“Oh society! Please let me live”

I know that I’m not a pious person or someone who is loved by GOD.But if HE can forgive then you are you to make me feel more guilty??  

“Oh dear society! Mind your own business :’) I know I’m a sinner (according to you)” 

If a girl wears a backless or sleeveless dress then society labels her as a “BAD WOMAN” and then starts blaming her like she don’t deserve to be RESPECTED? If a man is earning more money than everyone else then society labels him as “CORRUPT” without any proof,like He don’t deserve to earn his bread?? Or if a girl rejects a proposal then she will not be a “GOOD DAUGHTER” anymore.. If a girl or a boy love someone truly than they will be labelled as “SHAMELESS” even if they want to marry each other.(if they are not even involved in haram relationships).. If a girl goes out after 10 o’clock then she is “CHARACTER LESS” according to this mentally sick society.If a women goes out to earn bread for her family she is also “SHAME LESS” even ISLAM has given permission to her for earning her bread in case if she has no one to bear her expenses.If a Father sends his daughter abroad for studying then He’s “SHAMELESS AND CARELESS” because he is supporting her daughter in achieving her dreams? 

This mentally sick society will not stop 👎 they don’t care about someone’s feelings nor they give a sh*t about hurting someone?? 

I wanna ask that what kind of pleasure you feel after labelling someone as SINNERS? hmmm ? Well society! don’t you have any answer!? 

Let’s imagine if it is your daughter/mother/sister? Or if the people you are labeling as SINNERS belong to your family? Or if it’s you?? Will you do that? Will you label your self as a SINNER? as a KAAFIR.?? 



Dated: 5-November-2017

There are holes in our boats and we are busy in blaming the sea!! 

“Oh there is something wrong with the sea” 

We are not thinking about how many sins we do ? What kind of SINNERS we are? Nahh.. We are just poking our nose in others life just to spoil other’s happiness. 🙂 

According to me everyone is a sinner in today’s world because we all are involved in some kind of SINS. 

There is no peace in our world.Wars,Terrorism and killing innocent people is very common. If we just start thinking that what WE CAN DO? we may realize that there are a lot of things we can do for others happiness.

Don’t you have any idea ? Here are some:

  1. Donating your old clothes to poor people.
  2. Feed some orphans.
  3. Donate money for charity.
  4. Buy gifts,toys and snacks for poor little kids.(you will be so happy to see the smile on their faces).
  5. Educate someone.
  6. Take care of some special kids.
  7. Pass a smile.
  8. Speak gently to the old ones.
  9. If you don’t have enough money to donate,at least donate some money every month.
  10. Don’t criticize anyone because if their religion,caste,nationality or language or skin colour.
  11. Beleive that little things matters.
  12. Never do a good deed just for being good in others eye.
  13. Have peace. 
  14. Love yourself.
  15. Accept that money can’t bear happiness.
  16. Accept that you can change the world.
  17. Maintain a good character.be noble and humble.
  18. Pray.(if you can’t do anything) 

      Love yaa all.💜 

      Until next time,

      Duaa 🌸🌹

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